ALX Token

ALX token is a utility token, designed to be tradable, and it’s available on public exchanges.

The value of the ALX token is determined by the movements of the public market.

Besides other tokens ALX is used to acquire ALA tokens on the one-way ALAX exchange.

Ticker Symbol ALX
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 ALX
Circulating Supply 334,831,622 ALX
Live Rate (ALX/USD) $ 0.01
Market Cap $ 1,906,443

Live Data

Our proprietary blockchain runs on the Platform Cryptographic Asset, DCT. Projects funded with DCT or built on the DCore platform contribute to the DECENT Ecosystem.



ALX on Exchanges

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ALA Token

The ALA token is used directly on the ALAX Store to purchase content. ALA’s value is pegged to FIAT.

End users can use FIAT currencies to obtain ALA tokens by scanning the QR code at an existing reseller network of brick and mortar stores or through the app itself by using ALX tokens.